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Dr. Freida Herron DSW, LCSW

“Balance is not about eliminating all of your problems… finding personal balance means learning to navigate life's joys and challenges without losing your way.”

Welcome. I'm Freida Herron and for the past several years I have been a psychotherapist at BalancePoint Counseling in Maryville, Tennessee. I work with adults who are experiencing difficulties that may stand in the way of the life that they want to be living, including:

Depression Relationship Issues Bipolar Affective Disorder
Grief, Loss and Life Transitions Anxiety Gay and Lesbian Concerns

If you would like to discuss ways that we could work together to find a “balance point” that is right for you, please call 865-266-9028 to arrange for a consultation.

BalancePoint Counseling  |  352 High Street  |  Maryville, TN 37804  |  865-266-9028
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